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106LA01 / panel.crowncloud related issueOtherResolved
2016-10-30 20:18:54

CrownCloud - Status - LA01 / panel.crowncloud related issue

Updates on this issue :

2016-10-25 11:05:09

Copying back the backed up VMs to the now stable host-node.

2016-10-25 00:35:27

rsync running through the backups to be sure of all the files, ~50% done so far.

2016-10-24 18:26:43

Nearly done with the backups of the VMs before we proceed to do the firmware upgrade on the RAID card.

2016-10-24 13:23:18

SolusVM/panel is back online, we're working on the LA01 VMs now.

2016-10-24 11:03:08

We're working on this. Please standby for updates.