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21Packetloss at LAX on select routesNetworkResolved
2014-10-21 20:18:05

CrownCloud - Status - Packetloss at LAX on select routes

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2014-10-21 20:17:43

At the time of writing this status update, all issues have been resolved.

2014-10-21 09:46:45

At the time of writing this reply, the issue has been resolved, we will continue to monitor the network for any changes and have setup another SmokePing setup in Asia to keep an eye on it from there as well.

2014-10-21 08:59:34

Will be resolved in a few minutes.

2014-10-21 08:42:15


We have recieved information from our clients that they're having trouble accessing our LAX location (due to heavy packetloss), we've ticketed our upstream who's working on this, so far looks like Europe/and a few Asian bound routes are affected, more updates as we get them.