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35[Shared Hosting Plans/cPanel] Upgrade of PHP to 5.5.19UpgradeResolved
2014-11-16 16:32:58

CrownCloud - Status - [Shared Hosting Plans/cPanel] Upgrade of PHP to 5.5.19

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2014-11-16 16:32:58

Moving back to PHP 5.4.xx due to issues with IonCube on PHP 5.5.19

2014-11-16 11:53:13

This has been completed.

2014-11-14 12:52:44


We're upgrading PHP to 5.5.19 on our shared hosting cPanel platform from the current 5.4.x version and updating Apache as well in this process. We will carry forward the same modules (ioncube etc) to the new PHP version as well.

This process should take a maximum of ~15 minutes to complete.