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41Upstream network issue at LAX3NetworkResolved
2015-02-24 15:08:28

CrownCloud - Status - Upstream network issue at LAX3

Updates on this issue :

2015-02-24 15:08:17

Many hours later, network is all good from the time it has been fixed. Closing this issue now.

2015-02-22 16:48:17

One hour since the issue was fixed, perfect so far.

2015-02-22 16:04:35

So far so good, no issues in the last ~30 minutes.

2015-02-22 15:30:42

Network has cleared up now, will continue to monitor as usual.

2015-02-22 14:42:49

Issue is still being worked on. Will continue to update as we get updates from the datacenter.

2015-02-22 13:36:14

Datacenter has fixed the issue again, All the packetloss has been cleared out now. Will continue to monitor.

2015-02-22 13:21:18

Datacenter has acknowledged the issue and are looking into it again.

2015-02-22 13:16:37

Issue is back, reported back to the datacenter.

2015-02-22 13:07:46

This issue has been resolved at this point of time, we'll continue to monitor up the network as usual for any other issues.

2015-02-22 10:54:26


We're having a few upstream issues and the datacenter is aware of this and working on it, all the LA(number) nodes are affected except LA01 and LA02.