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42Kernel issue at DE11OtherResolved
2015-02-24 14:58:12

CrownCloud - Status - Kernel issue at DE11

Updates on this issue :

2015-02-24 14:57:56

Issue has been resolved up, the node is now running the lastest RHEL/CentOS6 kernel at the base with kernelcare taking care of the future updates as usuaul.

2015-02-24 10:12:09

Message sent to the datacenter, KVMoverIP should be available to us shortly.

2015-02-24 10:11:01

Taking a bit longer than usual to boot up, contacting datacenter for a KVMoverIP.

2015-02-24 09:52:50


There is a kernel issue on the DE11 node which is causing an issue with libvirt causing VPSes to not boot up, we're rebooting this VPS into a newer base kernel although we use KernelCare on all our nodes.