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44Firewall - LAXNetworkResolved
2015-05-04 23:51:55

CrownCloud - Status - Firewall - LAX

Updates on this issue :

2015-05-04 23:51:47

All done

2015-05-04 23:51:40

Live on IPv4 as well.

2015-04-10 23:20:46

Live on IPv6.

2015-03-25 11:20:32

We're installing up a firewall in our LAX zone on the 31st/1st, we don't expect any downtime during this since we'll be configuring up the firewall before putting it live on the main network, the firewall will bring us many advantages such as :

  • Lower number of SSH bruteforces
  • Some protection for Layer7 DoS attacks (this will be upgraded to full Layer 2/3/7 50 Gbit protection later this month/next month)

Apart from this, this will help us bring forward /64 IPv6 allocations to clients as well. More information on this as we get closer to the 31st/1st.