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49Network maintenance in LAX3 (Quadranet) regionNetworkResolved
2015-04-16 15:55:02

CrownCloud - Status - Network maintenance in LAX3 (Quadranet) region

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2015-04-16 15:54:51

This has been completed.

2015-04-12 11:33:43


We'll be performing a small maintanence on the network setup we have in Los Angeles, specifically in our LAX3 region to change the routing of IPs from our DC to us, this will allow us better control over the network and will allow us to blackhole abusers much quicker as well.


Expected downtime: None

Start date: Monday, 13th April 2015

End date: Monday, 13th April 2015


This activity will continue through the day while we route the addresses on our own, this will have 0 impact on our customers as we have already configured the addresses on our side, the last part of the change has to happen from the datacenter which will take 5 seconds or lesser to switch over to us.