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59Maintenance on DE14 serverOtherResolved
2015-07-30 21:16:50

CrownCloud - Status - Maintenance on DE14 server

Updates on this issue :

2015-07-30 21:16:34

Done, everything has been fixed and running fine now.

2015-07-30 19:40:35

Server is being worked on by the datacenter techs.

2015-07-30 18:21:37

VPSes are currently being shutdown with a soft-shutdown. 

2015-07-30 18:16:24


We have to perform emergency maintenance on the node DE14, one/more of the fan's aren't working at full / required speed causing the server to unnecessarily heat up. We estimate this to take 15 - 20 mins to complete.


We do understand that this is a sudden maintenance announcement, but we have to get this fixed right away, as overheating components will cause damage to the hardware which is something that none of us want/need.


We'll continue to post updates here as we get them from the datacenter as they work on the server.