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63LA06 kernel panicOtherResolved
2015-09-06 17:16:30

CrownCloud - Status - LA06 kernel panic

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2015-09-06 17:16:18


We've resolved this issue and the VPSes should be all booting up now, one after another. We've traced this out to a HDD going bad on the HDD array and then rebuilding and then going bad again while rebuilding (same HDD), causing a kernel panic on the node requiring our manual intervention to change the HDD and then bring it back online after a fsck (filesystem check).

The new HDD is rebuilding perfectly and going along smooth as well. You may notice a slightly high I/O wait for the next few hours while the HDD array rebuilds the data back on the new HDD. All data is intact and VPSes are booting up without any errors.


Please feel free to open a support ticket if you're still facing any issues.




2015-09-06 14:23:40

Your content here.LA06 had kernel panic it is coming back online we are running file system check to ensure all is well