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67LA16 kernel lockupOtherResolved
2015-10-12 15:35:11

CrownCloud - Status - LA16 kernel lockup

Updates on this issue :

2015-10-02 22:40:36

Further adding, the end user has been contacted who's VPS was causing the issue and the node should be stable from here on.

2015-10-02 22:39:23

Done, all VPSes should be back online now. We've taken some preventive action on this by shutting off a customer who's VPSes spwaned a lot of kernel related errors when booting up.

2015-10-02 22:21:52

Node is booting up now, we're monitoring VPS boot-up's and everything is coming up clean, no errors in dmesg either. Keeping an eye on dmesg / VPS bootups.

2015-10-02 22:19:29


The LA16 node seems to have had a kernel lockup, we're digging into this. Updates to follow.