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73LA Host issuesNetworkResolved
2015-11-06 21:33:02

CrownCloud - Status - LA Host issues

Updates on this issue :

2015-10-24 13:49:17

All issues have been resolved. We will continue to monitor this. Please open a support ticket if you're still facing issues.

2015-10-24 13:37:40

LA09 is back online, if your VPS isn't back online, Unmount any ISO mounted on your VPS and then try rebooting it back online.

2015-10-24 11:59:32

LA09 is booting back now.

2015-10-24 11:54:27

LA09 should be coming up in a bit.

2015-10-24 11:34:00

Waiting for a final piece of the puzzle from the DC, hopefully that should be the end of this issue. A RFO will follow later today.

2015-10-24 10:57:24

Apart from LA09 everything is back online. Work continues.

2015-10-24 09:42:46

Connectivity to LAX4 has been resolved, working on LAX3 now.

2015-10-24 03:39:59

Back online, seeing large packet loss still

2015-10-24 03:21:57

LA host is having network issues "Our senior network administrator is currently working on the issue. ETA at this time is unknown. Please stand by for further updates."