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2015-11-27 12:33:15

CrownCloud - Status - DE15

Updates on this issue :

2015-11-23 11:20:38

Issue has been resolved. Aplogies for the inconvenice caused.

2015-11-23 11:20:13

Issue has been resolved. Aplogies for the inconvenice caused.

2015-11-22 20:52:22

Issue seems to lie on the raid controller, checking with the DC on this..

2015-11-22 19:04:52

We've asked the DC to change out the last 2 seagate drives in the array as well, that seems to be the root cause (after doing much SMART tests) of this issue.

2015-11-22 14:48:50

All issues have been resolved. We continue to monitor this node as usual.

2015-11-21 21:11:57

The HDD we replaced is still rebuilding causing the high I/O wait. Looking into possible options to speed up the sync.

2015-11-21 20:53:28


We're seeing high I/O waits on the server causing disruption in service. Investigating this now.

2015-11-21 13:51:39

Node is back online. There was kernel panic due to a failed drive which forced us to do a reboot which then lead us to waiting for the DC to change the damaged drive and then boot up, thus avoiding any further kernel panics or other complications along the way. 


VPSes are currently booting up and should be all back online in a few minutes.

2015-11-21 13:21:56

DE15 down, waiting on intervention from DC