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78LA outageNetworkResolved
2015-12-12 19:52:29

CrownCloud - Status - LA outage

Updates on this issue :

2015-12-12 19:52:23

Everything should be back online at this point.

2015-12-12 19:16:19

LA10 is back online, watching VPSes come back online one after another.

2015-12-12 19:12:26

LA10 , website should be back online in a few minutes.

2015-12-12 17:23:36

Most services should be restored except IPv6 and our main website/LA10.

2015-12-12 11:42:57

Issue is back again, working with the DC on this.

2015-12-11 12:13:56

IPv6 should be back online as well now and all issues resolved as well.

2015-12-11 00:38:29

Working with the DC on getting the routing sorted out for IPv6 as well, Please standby.

2015-12-08 03:56:04

Network issues resolved.

2015-12-08 00:03:44

Waiting on the DC to push the ranges into our router as it was earlier.

2015-12-07 22:25:15

Work continues to restore IPv6..

2015-12-07 13:20:28

All pending tickets are being replied to, all services and nodes are back online.

2015-12-07 12:49:17


Apologies for the inconvenience caused, took the DC quite a while to figure out where the issue lied as both our configs (our end and their end) were pretty much un-touched since day 1, after escalating it to their network admin they got it sorted off with a permanent fix in place. Everything should be resolved at the time of writing this reply :)

2015-12-07 08:13:00

DC are trying another config. Please standby.

2015-12-07 07:26:27

Everything should be back online at this time of writing.

2015-12-07 05:51:59

Troubleshooting still underway. Some loss in connectiity may be experienced.

2015-12-07 04:36:23

Most serices back online.

Still inestigating.

2015-12-07 03:32:23

Some servers are back online, still investigating network issues

2015-12-06 23:55:52

Gateways appear to ping fine on the DCs end (till the DC's routers) but don't extend till our rack and drop off before that. DC's gateway doesn't ping from our end.. nor does DC's end ping our router.

2015-12-06 23:35:31

Physical link appears fine, our end appears fine, DC checking their end of the config again.

2015-12-06 23:03:29

Asked DC to check the physical link..

2015-12-06 22:54:18

Appears that the bypass didn't work. DC is checking their end..

2015-12-06 22:27:24

Issue with the router, bypassing it now and switching over to DC's router via our own switches.

2015-12-06 19:29:02

We're currently investigating issues with multiple nodes in LA. This might be a router issue.