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81[DONE] New Juniper routing equipmentNetworkResolved
2016-02-22 11:59:39

CrownCloud - Status - [DONE] New Juniper routing equipment

Updates on this issue :

2015-12-18 23:21:19

Switching over to the Juniper now.

2015-12-18 11:10:50

IPv6 is back online now.

2015-12-17 21:52:56

IPv4 routes added in, adding in IPv6 now.

2015-12-17 21:31:12

Router has arrived and is being configured at the moment.

2015-12-16 15:55:33

Router is on time and en route to the Datacenter.

2015-12-15 19:50:44


We're replacing out the old router in LA we had in Los Angeles with a new Juniper, this will not only fix any existing issues in LA but also provide increase in capacity for future upgrades planned in 2016 Q1.

Expected timeline of events:

  • Router delivery on the 16th -- possibly afternoon <> evening PST TZ
  • Router configuration on the 16th
  • Review of configuration by the datacenter on the 16th / 17th
  • Router goes online (POST confirm by the datacenter on the configuration being used) on the 16th<>17th


Please standby for updates as we're awating delivery of this new equiptment which should be delivered on the 16th as stated by the shipping service, any delays in shipping will push us foward by 1 day at most.