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95Maintenance 11.04.16NetworkResolved
2016-06-08 13:33:15

CrownCloud - Status - Maintenance 11.04.16

Updates on this issue :

2016-04-11 23:08:49

Everything back online now. Apologies for the prolonged downtime.

2016-04-11 22:51:10

Rack #2 is back online, working on #1

2016-04-11 22:24:53

Apologies for the delay, nearly done.

2016-04-11 21:45:52

We'll be performing a small network maintenance in our LAX3 setup (Quadranet) on Monday between 17:30 - 18:30 GMT. We expect the maintenance to complete within 10 minutes but are keeping the time frame big enough to be a 100% sure of the stability of the network as we move forward to upgrading our setup to a full 10Gbit setup this year. We've reveiwed all the components at hand and configuration as well and everything looks perfect to be deployed. 

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