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2016-06-08 13:33:41

CrownCloud - Status - CrownCloud LAX facility upgrade

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2016-05-07 20:32:47

This has been put on hold for now. Please standby for updates.

2016-05-05 21:14:10


It’s been awhile since we’ve expanded our physical footprint and pushed out hardware upgrades at our datacenter presence at Los Angeles, CA.  Although we’ve been making minor improvements by upgrading hardware where possible we’ve reached the limit at our current physical available space. Solution? We’ve got to move our hardware to another floor at the same datacenter which has more space available for us to utilize.


The facility upgrade is not only limited to move of our hardware but also includes upgrades for our servers, some of the upgrades which will be performed over this month are listed below,


  • RAID Card Cache Upgrades: This one is a major positive for all customers, we will be upgrading the cache present on the RAID cards to 1GB which will provide much better read and write speeds and improve overall performance by reducing IOWait related issues as well.

  • Networking upgrades: Late last month we upgraded to a newer router which supports 10G networking much better than our previous one did, we’ll be pushing our 10G port live once we move to the new rackspace. For now, nodes and VPSes will remain at 1G but the chance of slow networking or port saturation will be close to 0 after this is done.

  • CrownPanel: For a little over a year and a half, we’ve been working on an in-house control panel for virtual machines, we’ve had a closed beta with many of our customers and have incorporated features that have made this panel tailor made for our customers. Features like snapshot/restore, SSH Key support have been included as well. More info on this will follow in the coming weeks.

  • CPU Upgrades: To begin with, the LA05 node is our oldest node at Los Angeles, CA and the customers on it are in for a big upgrade, we’ll be putting online a new node to move customers to, the new node CPU would ship with 12 cores and 24 threads. Over the months we’ll be moving all customers to this setup. To make better use of more processing power in the same space.


What’s the downside to this move? Downtime. After speaking to staff at the datacenter, we’re looking at about 2 hours of downtime between start to finish. We’re trying to plan this out as best as possible to reduce it down from 2 hours, but ideally we’re targetting 2 hours max.

When’s this move taking place? On the 8th of May 2016. We understand the notice provided is slightly smaller than desired but we’ve got to make this move now to allow for the upgrades detailed above to take place to provide YOU with a better CrownCloud.