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172NL Host node IP changeDatacenterMaintenanceResolved
2018-02-16 10:35:06

CrownCloud - Status - NL Host node IP change

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2018-02-16 10:35:06

We apologise for any inconvenience caused by the recent IP changes.

Unfortunately this change was forced upon us by our host needing to return an IP range to his supplier. We have made arrangements so this situation will not occur again.

All changes are now complete, Nodes and VPS are back online.

Please be assured that all maintenance on NL nodes is now complete and we expect the previous stability to return.

Thanks again for your patience.


Best wishes,

CrownCloud Staff

2018-02-16 10:20:13

The network connection has dropped from the NL nodes.
We are currently working on restoring the connection for everyone.


2018-02-16 09:20:03

Host nodes in NL are undergoing IP changes.

We will bring online asap.