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234NL5 downtime.NetworkMaintenanceResolved
2018-12-03 20:54:59

CrownCloud - Status - NL5 downtime.

Updates on this issue

2018-09-20 19:00:57

Hardware swap is now complete and all the Servers are UP and running now.

2018-09-13 21:16:23


In about 12 hours from now (7:00 AM UTC) we will be performing a change of RAM on the server "NL5", we have been having a few stability related issues on this server over the past week, while nothing has changed on the software side. So we suspect it’s a RAM related issue – The RAM will be replaced and swapped with a new batch which should ideally resolve this issue. We expect a max downtime of 15-30 minutes for the change of RAM, we apologize for the sudden notice but this is critical to ensure the stability of the service and to prevent any data corruption due to bad RAM. VPSes will be powered down and will be booted up once this task is completed. You may monitor the following URL for updates as we progress with this task at 7:00 AM UTC:

Thanking you,

CrownCloud Staff.