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267DE57 RAM SwapKVMMaintenanceResolved
2019-10-26 16:18:21
CrownCloud - Status - DE57 RAM Swap

Updates on this issue

2019-10-03 15:22:02

RAM modules have been replaced.
VPSes have booted up and host node has settled down.

If you're still facing any issues, please contact support by opening a ticket.

2019-10-03 14:16:44

Due to the number of RAM modules present in this server, we are expecting 10-15 mins more and then the node should be up as per the latest update from the datacenter.

2019-10-03 12:44:46


Due to stability issues faced on the server DE57 -- we are replacing out the RAM present on this host-node. As this is a stability related issue, we need to replace out the RAM right away to prevent any issues, even though the RAM is of ECC type, we believe its better/safer for customers as well to have better stability.


We will post updates as we go ahead with this change of RAM now.


Thank you.