CrownCloud - Status - DE3-4 Kernel Update / Stability Issues

DE3-4 Kernel Update / Stability Issues

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2020-12-07 20:51:17

Updates on this issue

2020-11-24 12:22:53

The instability continues with any kernel we operate, at this point of time we assume the issue to be in the hardware layer (with the RAM).


A replacement ordered and will be delivered by Friday (at most!) -- and all servcies will be transferred to the new server at that time (or earlier!).

2020-11-22 13:14:15

Host-node is running on,


which is the latest available from elrepo for el7/centos7, we hope this will further help with the stability.

2020-11-22 10:03:14


We're updating the latest Kernel now and rebooting the host server shortly.


Thank you.


2020-11-16 16:45:10

Kernel installed, reboot in-progress..

2020-11-16 16:41:06


We're updating the Kernel with 5.XX now and rebooting the host server shortly.




2020-11-15 14:19:34

we are debugging this host-node further, we assume it could be a swap-related issue, the node has more than enough ram but swap area issues could be causing stability issues. disabling swap for now.

2020-11-15 13:28:56

host-node is back online with the 4.xx kernel, we continue to monitor the node now. VMs booting up one by one again.

2020-11-15 13:26:38

4.xx kernel-lt installed, host-node under reboot now

2020-11-15 13:26:10

We notice the instability with the newer kernel as well, we're switching to 4.xx kernel-lt ELRepo based kernel now.

2020-11-15 12:48:15

latest kernel installed, host-node has been rebooted now. VMs to boot up one by one now

2020-11-15 12:36:37

Due to instability in the current kernel with KVM based VMs, we're updating to a newer kernel and rebooting the host-node to resolve this issue.


Updates to follow.